Introduction: Diy Wings Pendant

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Hey everyone! This time I came with nice angel wings wire wrapped pendants .that you can make easily by yourself. So let's get started.


1.Copper wire (0.3mm) 40 cm long
2.a rectangle stone
3.two small beads of different sizes

Step 1: Wrapping Rectangle Stone in Wire

I used two rectangle pink stone with holes at both end you can use any rectangle crystal or stone or you can also use beads in series.I join them as shown in pic 2 . Then Take wire out of one hole and fold it into two equal half shown in pic 3 . now take one side of wire into other hole. And wrap the wire at both ends the take both wire together at one end of your crystal and stone. and then add first bead to it.

Step 2: Giving Shape to Wings

First You have to draw wings and then put wire on it and follow the lines after that for feathers shape just make to or three loops when you are done join two wings by twisting the wire. Be careful while twisting because it can change the shape of wings. now add second small bead and make loop at top.

Step 3: Now You Are Done

Yay! Here your beautiful wings pendant is ready. Now give it nice cord.

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