Introduction: Doctor Who Dalek Figure

Make your very own villainous Dalek to help you with your evil plots.

Step 1: Tools Used

These are all the tools I use on a regular basis and the colors you will need to create the Dalek.

Step 2: Making the Head

Create a small ball of red and cut it in half to create the head.

Step 3: Rest of the Body

Create an oval and cut in in half, then make a cylinder. Take the cylinder and square one side.

Step 4: Grey Inner-plating

Create a slightly larger squared circle out of grey and flatten it out. Then make a flattened oval.

Step 5: Making the Side Dots

roll out a grey snake thinly and cut it into 24 dots and stick them onto the sides of the base.

Step 6: Base

Make a larger squared cylinder for the base.

Step 7: Neck

make three small black balls and flatten them so they are the same length and width as the head. Then stack them up like pancakes and press the head piece on the top.

Step 8: Eye and Arms

Use the rest of the rolled out grey snake and flatten it. Put wire in the middle and fold it over. Then remove a small amount of clay off each side of the wire. For the egg beater arm only take the clay off of one side of the wire and then put 4 small snakes around the middle wire of the arm.

Step 9: Putting Arms and Eyestalk in Place.

Put the showing wire into the gray plating area and add a black dot to the head before putting in the eyestalk.

Step 10: Hand and Eye

Make a small ball and a slightly bigger ball out of the black. cut them both in half and flatten the smaller balls. Cut the larger ball in half then make a hole in one of the halves. Put the smaller circles on over the hole and then onto the same spot on the half without a hole. Press the half with the hole onto the arm. Press the other half on to the eyestalk .

Step 11: Top Lights

Roll out a small snake out of white. then cut off two small chunks. make them into cones and then press them onto the head.

Step 12: Eye

Make a small circle of yellow and press it onto the eye.

CONGRATZ~ you are finished

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