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Introduction: Dodecahedron Concrete Lamp

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Make your complex dodecahedron (12 sides) own concrete lamp very easily with this instructable!

I use it on my bedside table...

Step 1: You Will Need

* WARNING *This DIY is designed to be used in Europe at 220 volts. The plug and lamp holder must be changed to be used in other parts of the world.

Electricity can kill, be very careful with connections and insulation.

You will need:

  • Mold (I used a styrene sheet 1T)
  • Power cable with switch (You can make your own)
  • E26 lamp socket
  • Edison Lamp (E26/27)
  • Mixed Cement (Instant)
  • Gluegun & Gluestick

Watch the video for detailed instruction

Step 2: Mold Making

1. Download plan PDF and print it.

2. Attach a printed paper to a styrene sheet

3. Cut the styrene sheet with knife carefully

4. Make a socket mold shape with a bulb socket.

5. Use a plastic straw to make a wire hole.

6. Build the mold with a glue gun.

Step 3: Pour the Concrete!

We have the mold ready and the concrete is also ready to be used.

Let's go to the fun part, fill the mold!

After filling the mold, tap gently on the sides to release the air bubbles, a minute or two is enough.

Let it dry for at least whole day.

Gently press the bottom of the mold should be easily released.

Let it dry for another two days.

Step 4: Build Lamp

Insert a bulb socket and connect wire!

And it's done!
I advise you to use a led Edison bulb because it consumes less energy and hardly produces heat.

I used 5 watt big 1800 kelvin LED COB lamp that is more than enough for a bedside lamp.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask.

For more detailed instruction visit my

Youtube channel!

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    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    4 years ago

    That's a nice looking little lamp base. Very cool - thanks for sharing!


    4 years ago

    Cool design! I wonder if you could also use a coated paper food takeout container to make the mold.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm pretty sure that you can make the mold without the styrene sheet.
    The pentagon shape makes very stable structure for dodecahedron.
    Make sure to use water resistive paper. (I will try with a takeout container. ^^)