Dodocase for Big Phones

Introduction: Dodocase for Big Phones

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Not all phones fit the DoDoCase... here is a simple mod using tape to make almost any big phone fit.

As you can see the Galaxy Note didn't fit in the case

Step 1: The Requisitional Materials

Materials needed:

  • DoDOcase
  • tape
  • scissors
  • Maybe a mobile phone (optional)

Step 2: Assemble the DoDocase As Instructed in Manual

The DoDocase comes with a manual... just follow it.

Step 3: Cut Away the Lid

Cut away the lid of the case

Step 4: Tape the Lid Part 1

Tape the lid as illustrated

Step 5: Tape the Lid Part 2

Cut a piece of tape along the tape length and tape it to the sides close to the cardboard lid.

This is to cover the tape so it won't stick to your phone later on.

Step 6: Tape the Lid Part 3

Tape the lid back onto the box.

Step 7: Taping the Lid Part 4

And finaly add some strips of tape to reinforce the bottom of the case.

And you're done, you now have a bigger case that fits bigger phones.

Step 8: You're Done

And the final result.

The case functionality is preserved. Enjoy!

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