Dog-Bits (Dog Treat)

Introduction: Dog-Bits (Dog Treat)

Easy And Tasty To Make

Step 1: 1.Ingredients

1.Sausage of Any Kind

Step 2: 2.Cutting

Cut The Sausage In Half

Step 3: 3.Aline the Sausages

Aline The Sausages Beside Each Other Ready To Cut them in half

Step 4: 4.Cut in Tiny Squares

4.Cut In Squares The Sausage

Step 5: 5.Continue Cutting in Small Squares

Continue Cutting In Small Squares

Step 6: 6.Time to Cut the Ham

Cut In Half And Then Again In half

Step 7: 7.How It's Should Look Like

7.Once Cut Prepare To Start Layering

Step 8: 8.Add All Ingredients in a Bowl Ready to Prepare

8.Gather all ingredients in a bowl for preparing

Step 9: 9.Start to Layer the Ingredients in the Pets Plate

9.Start Layering the ingredients in pets bowl/plate

Step 10: 10.Ready to Serve

10.Once done serve to your pet and watch her/him enjoy a taste meat meal

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