Dog Haus by Eric and Ben

Introduction: Dog Haus by Eric and Ben

Introducing the Dog Haus! With just a quick trip to your local home supply store and a hour or two of your time, you can make a nice and comfortable dog home. For this dog home, you will need: 8 pieces of two foot by four inch pieces of wood that is two inches thick. Along with 6 pieces of tongue and groove wood for the ceiling and the flooring. To add, you will need (14) two foot by four inch by half an inch thick pieces of wood for the sides of the home to keep your animal safe and enclosed. To put this house together you will need several screws and a powerful screw driver to get the screws through the sturdy wood. In our case, we chose to use use an electric screw driver with different size screws depending on the thickness of the wood because some screws needed to be longer based on the thickness of wood. The dimensions of the wood you buy will vary based upon the size of both your dog, and how large you would like the house to be. For us, the size of choice was two feet by two feet. So now you have the basic supplies to make your very own Dog Haus.

Step 1: Floor and Ceiling Installation

The flooring and the ceiling will be identical. You will screw each tongue and groove piece of wood to the larger base piece of wood. It is important to get screws that are long enough to penetrate both pieces of wood.

Step 2: Side Enclosure Panels

After installing the base flooring and ceiling, the next step is installing the surrounding enclosure that will give the height of the house. For this step, you will need (12) pieces of wood that are 2 feet long, 4 inches wide, and half of an inch thick. Individually screw the panels into the base of the structure on both the flooring and ceiling. Screw the panel slabs every 3 inches for both sides, however, a different method will be used when installing in the back of the house.

Step 3: Installing the Back of the House

For individual flair, install the back of the house by using the same panels except installing them horizontally opposed from vertically. It is completely personal preference so make sure to just have fun.

Step 4: Last But Not Least

Finally, you can add things to the house to make it comfortable. We added a pillow for our dog to make sure he is comfortable. Remember to have fun and stay safe when building this DIY creation!

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