Introduction: Dog Tags for a GI Joe or Any 12”/1:6 Action Figure

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Every soldier needs Dog Tags. I have Duke, a vintage 1990’s Joe. Duke didn’t come with Dog Tags, as I got him from a garage sale. I figured I’d make him some.
to make two dog tags, you need two cans. Just repeat the following process to make two.

(This is my first Instructable, By the way.)

Oh, and GI Joe is a trademark of Hasbro.


-2 aluminum soda cans, washed and dried (soda and scissors don’t mix)

-1 pair of scissors And a pushpin or an awl or something.

-1 novelty human-sized Dog tags or any key chain That’s a Ball chain.

-1 sharpie/marker

-1 hammer/ any heavy object you can use to flatten something

Step 1: Stab the Can With the Scissors

okay, this part is a bit dangerous. Be VERY careful. Just kinda stab the can. Make sure to try not To cut near your body, watch your fingers, and make sure there aren’t any living things nearby you could cut.

Step 2: Trim Down the Can

This step is pretty self-explanatory. trim down the can with the scissors. Be careful. The edges can be sharp!

Step 3: Flatten the Can and And Trim It Down More.

this is where you get the heavy object. I went into my garage and used a hammer. Hammer both sides until it is relatively flat. Then, find a flat spot and use a sharpie to draw a dog tag shape into the flattened bottom. You can trace something, but I just eyeballed it.

Step 4: Cut Out the Dog Tag and Punch a Hole in It

pretty easy step. Just round the edges of the dog tag so it isn’t sharp. Now, you have to make a hole. I couldn’t find my Swiss Army knife for this, so i made a tiny hole with a pushpin and Slowly widened the hole with scissors. PLEASE go slow during this step, As this can be dangerous.

Step 5: Cutting the Chain

This part you don’t want to mess up. You’re going to be cutting the chain on the dog tag. This is permanent, so make sure it’s something you can cut up. Unhook the end and measure how long it should be putting it on the figure. It should be long enough to go over the head of the figure. The length can vary with different figures, so I can’t give you an exact length. Remember, it’s okay if it’s A little too big. You can trim it. However, if it’s too small, you need to try again on another chain.

Step 6: Thread on the Tags

make the chain go through the hole you made in to dog tags. Make another tag, and you’re done! If you want, you can write things on them.

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