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Introduction: Doll Ballerina of Nylon

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For beginning, I apologize for any grammatical errors. I am not a native speaker, so I can mess with the rules :(

Today I want to suggest you to make a fun doll in the ballet dress. It can be hung as decoration, you can put on a shelf or to give to friends.

Step 1: Prepare the Working Place

We will need: thread flesh-colored, needle, scissors, glue gun, lace, nylon tights Nude and white colors, cosmetics, applicators, false eyelashes, eyes, yarn and polyester. Also handy piece of cardboard.

Step 2: The Formation of Lumps

Mold padding clumps: a large head, three identical nose and cheeks, and two smaller ones for the heel and two small ones for hands. Later we will do another back and ass.

Step 3: Tight Head

Put nylon on a hand, put in it a big lump. Take the palm of your hand, check whether the level lies the batting. Put cheeks and nose so that the node was in the neck. A small amount of batting place in area of a mouth and chin.

Wrapped knot the thread a few turns and fix. Cut the remaining nylon.

Thick needle spread your batting, to avoid irregularities. Raise the nose.

Step 4: Lacing Nose

The photos pay attention to my fingers: the first always at the bottom of the head, and the second is always at the top. So you will be able to navigate it position.

From the back, bring out the needle on the nose. 3-4 stitches form the dorsum of the nose and go to the left ala.

Direct the needle from the left ala into the right nostril, sew 3-4 stitch, pulling the thread a little. Across the bridge of the nose go to the right ala and in the same way sew the left nostril.

Straight stitches stitch the right ala, giving the best sculpture. Then thread the noise around the ala top and straight stitch back to its former place. Do it 2-3 times firmly tightening the thread. Do the same with the left nostril.

If the nostrils seems not deep enough, you can have a few stitches to deepen it, then bring needle to the back of the head, fix the thread.

Step 5: Shape the Cheeks and Smile

From the back bring the needle to the place where the doll is the border between cheekbone and eye. Digressing a little, hold the needle in the corner of his mouth. 3-4 straight stitches, tightening, we create the cheek.

Do the same on the left side. Deduce the needle into the left corner of his mouth. Pass the thread through the smile, leave the right corner. Straight stitch smile fixed firmly tightening the thread. Do the same thing in the opposite direction.

From the left corner of its mouth bring the thread under the lower lip. A few stitches to highlight the fossa above and below the lips. From under the lower lip bring the thread over the fabric in the left corner of his mouth. Straight stitch, tightening, fasten and return under the bottom lip. Repeat the action with the other side.

Thick needle correct the padding in the bottom lip and chin. Derive the needle on the head, fix the thread.

Step 6: Do the Hands and Feet.

Tight little clumps of nylon, fix nodules.

First, sew the hand. Place the balloon so that the knot was at the base of the hand. From a node, derive a needle in a place where separate the first finger. Please note that the first finger is heavier than the others.

A couple of stitches sheathe it, and immediately bring the needle to the turn of the second and third fingers. With the anatomical structure of the hand, form all the fingers. Optionally, reverse stitches, it is possible to stitch dimples on the palms, as seen on my tenth photo.

Also sheathe the second hand, considering it mirrored location of the fingers (two left or two right handles are not included in our plans :)).

Start to work with heels. The knot at the top, where people have the ankle. Fingers formed on the same technology as on the hands, taking into account the anatomy of the foot. Big toe give even more space. Reverse stitches formed by the dimples on the arch of the foot. Make the second leg.

Step 7: The Torso and Ass.

Padding do lump the size of a doll's head, tight nylon. Securing the thread in a knot, just divide it clump in half, pulling tightly the thread. Fix a knot.

With the white stocking, cut the elastic, make a medium size ball for the torso. Take another piece of the stocking and cut out a triangle panties.

Panties glued with hot glue. Glue to them braid or lace.

Step 8: Sleeves and Skirt

White stocking cut 2 small rectangle. Sew on the long side, evert and fill with synthetic padding. Fold inside the sleeve and thickly smear with hot glue. Glue the hand so that the palm was from the side seam on the sleeve. Repeat the steps with the second sleeve.

Out of cardboard cut out the circle. Tight stocking. I put the circle in the toe part of the stocking. Cut off the excess, turning the cloth, glue it to the circle. Two sides decorate the hem with lace or braid.

Step 9: Do Hair and Raise the Doll

For a solid tube wound yarn. The more turns, the thicker hair. Along the tube carefully sew the hair to falling apart after cutting. For durability you can glue along the seam.

On the back side of the tube cut the yarn, so it's almost ready hairstyle. Glue hair to the head of the line of growth, and collect them in the tail.

Stick ass host for a skirt slightly above the center of the circle. The ass and the skirt stick heels hiding the knots.

To the head in the area of the node, stick arms and torso. Wait until the glue dries and stick the torso to the skirt directly opposite the butts.

Glue doll eyes, false eyelashes, apply makeup. Finish the hairstyle. Make sure that there were no visible excess glue.

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