Doll Couch



Introduction: Doll Couch

My dolls needed something comfy to sit on so I looked around my house to see what I could use since I didn't have any doll furniture. I found some sponges and thought these would work because they're squishy and soft like couch cushions.



Fuzzy fabric or whatever fabric you choose

Step 1: Glue the Sponges

I glued 2 sponges side to side 2 times.

Then I glued 1 set of sponges to the back of the other set of sponges to get the couch form started.

I glued a sponge on either side to make the armrests.

Step 2: Couch Feet

I cut up another sponge to make the couch feet.

I glued the couch feet to the bottom of the other sponges.

I sat my doll on the couch after glueing to make sure it was steady.

Step 3: Couch Bottom

I cut some cardboard and glued it to the underside of the couch and also on the bottoms of the feet to make the couch sturdier.

Step 4: Add Some Fabric

I glued on some fuzzy fabric to make the couch look good and so it would be soft and comfy. You can use whatever fabric you want.

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