Introduction: Donut and Donut Biscuit

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Hello Everybody,

This instructable will show case how to make soft, fluffy Donuts and also accidental birth of another recipe (Donut Biscuit) with all the same ingredients by just one different thing. This all started as just a quick competition between me and my brother. We both had different opinion in yeast fermentation. I wanted to active the yeast as mentioned in the yeast bottle. Well, he wanted to ferment in the way he learned to from a cook book. Interesting things happened along the whole preparation.

Spolier alert: I ended up making Donut Biscuit and his method won i.e.,they were actually soft and fluffy donut, mine was Donut biscuits.

Step 1: Ingredients

As I said they require same ingredients ,

1) All purpose flour - 1 + 1 Cup

2) Baking powder - 1/8 + 1/8 tsp

3) Butter - 1 + 1 Tbsp

4) pinch of salt

5) Water as required

Yeast for Doughnut

Dry yeast - 1/2 tsp

Sugar - 1/2 tsp

Warm milk - 1/4 Cup

Yeast for Doughnut biscuit

As bottle suggested one part of yeast to 2 parts for flour and 5 parts of water with pinch of sugar i.e., 1/2 tsp of yeast with 1 tsp of flour with 2.5 tsp of water and pinch of sugar

For Chocolate glaze

1) Powdered sugar - 1/2 Cup

2) Cocoa powder - 2 Tbsp

3) Vanilla syrup - 2 Tsp

4) Milk - 20 ml

5) Whipping powder - 2 Tsp

Step 2: Activate Yeast for Donuts

Add the warm milk with sugar mixed. Add yeast and wait for bubbling up to happen

Step 3: Dough

Add the sieved all purpose flour, baking powder, pinch of salt, butter at room temperature this part alone will give normal donut and sweet part will be taken care by chocolate glaze , just add along 3 tbsp of powdered sugar if you want a sweet dough.

Oil it of the surface and on the sides of the vessel to rise up. Leave it in warm place for 1 hour

Step 4: All Rised

After a hour you can see my dough have risen up more than double. it was super soft even after letting the air out

Step 5: Cut Outs

I have don't have a doughnut cutter, but I really wanted to make this recipe. So I thought two round objects of different size which will satisfy my requirement, a round small bowl and a bottle cap for donut holes

Step 6: Second Proofing

Leave it about 45 minutes to 1 hour, our donut will expand and sizes up, which are ready to fry

Step 7: Deep Oil Fry

Keep the oil temperature medium, do the testing by throwing a little piece, if it rises up immediately from bottom then your oil is ready, slowly add it one by one, after secs your donut will turn golden brown and they are ready. Also in the third image there two pieces which haven't changed colour, their backstory is in the following steps.

Step 8: Donut Biscuit AKA Accident Recipe

Add 1/2 tsp of yeast with 1 tsp of flour with 2.5 tsp of water and pinch of sugar. Fermentation will happen within 5-10 mins

Step 9: Add Essentials

Add the Flour, baking powder, salt, water and butter. also here one little change I added a butter that was cool but not as refrigerated cold. it was kept outside for while but neither it was in room temperature. I added, mixed and made dough

Step 10: Don't Forget to Oil

Oil every where and leave for 1 hour

Step 11: After Fermentation

This dough was rised no doubt, but it was not as soft as the first one. punched and let the air out, Kneaded it little bit and rolled out using roller for about 1/2" inch thick

Step 12: Shaping

Used the same small bowl and bottle cap for donut shapes

Step 13: Tried This Too

Try to bake these at 180 degree for 18 mins after the second proofing for 1 hour, gotta admit that there was not much change in shape even after an hour of proofing

Step 14: Have Some Donut Biscuits

This is the story of making doughnut ended with both donut and donut biscuits, If you go back to step 7 : Deep oil fry you would see two thin donut along with three fluffy golden brown donut. The size remained same even when they were put in hot oil, they didn't expand

Step 15: Chocolate Glazing

Add the powdered sugar or icing sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla syrup and milk. Mix well with no lumps

Step 16: Coating

Give your donut the best part, dip them in chocolate glaze

Step 17: Let the Extra Drip Away

Place them in wire rack with plate below, add the sprinkles or sugar when its still in wet state.

Step 18: Coat Your Donut Biscuits Too

Coat them chocolate glaze too, These biscuits is outcome of unplanned recipe but frankly these tasted good. They were flaky and little crunchy, excellent tea time snack.

Step 19: Thank You

I enjoyed making these and really had fun even I lost the bet. but still we both were winners as they tasted good as two different recipes.

Please let me know your thoughts in comment section

Adios !!

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