Introduction: Door Opener for Coronavirus

The problem posed by the contact with the doors that we frequently touch in daily life was the problem I identified. The solution I brought to this problem within the scope of the project was to develop an intermediate element that would allow us to open the doors with our feet. Keeping our hands sterile in daily life has become even more important due to the covid-19 outbreak we are in. We try to keep our hands sterile by wearing gloves. However, we sometimes contact our face, hair or clothes with gloves. Because of the importance of keeping our hands sterile, I think it will be beneficial for us to remain sterile in terms of the actions we can do with our hands as well.


  1. Hammer

  2. Drill

  3. Screw

  4. Nippers

  5. Metal Piece

  6. Fast Strong Adhesive

Step 1: Step 1: Mark the Dimensions on the Metal Piece With a Pencil

I added the dimensions of the door opener as pdf

Step 2: Step 2: Find an Area Where You Can Compress the Metal Piece

Step 3: Step 3: Shape the Metal Piece With Hammer After Clamping It

If you do not want to do this process, you can have this process done at the blacksmith.

Step 4: Step 4: Cover the Metal Part With a Soft Material. You Can Use Fast Adhesive When Covering

We do this to prevent damage to the door.

Step 5: Step 5: Remove the Skirting Board on the Door With a Drill

Step 6: Step 6: Mark the Skirting Holes on the Door Opener

Because we use these holes for mounting

Step 7: Step 7: Drill the Point You Marked

Step 8: Step 8: Finally Assemble the Door Opener on the Door

Use skirting holes when assemble

Step 9: Step 9: It's Done!!