Introduction: Doorstop Sculpture

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I needed a doorstop for my bedroom door, when I looked up 3D printed doorstops online there were many designs that do the job just fine, but I thought of taking it to the next level and add an artistic touch to it, so I sculpted this muscular man in a pose that looks like he's holding something heavy from moving, a door in this case, and attached it to a doorstop design that fits most door heights, and also can be modified easily by reducing the bottom part's height by slicing off a portion of it.

*I didn't pay much attention to quality when making it because I wasn't planning to post it, but using a lower layer height and just a little post processing would make the end result so much better.

**I also attached the sculpture file without the doorstop so you can use it in a different project or design. (would love to see what you do with it).


3D printer (can use online printing services)

Step 1: Sculpting

First, I used Blender to create a simple human body character and rig it so i can move it into the pose I wanted.

after I was happy with the pose, I started sculpting the body details like muscles.

Also, I used "meshmixer" app for some detailing and sculpting just because I love the way it feels when sculpting a bit more than "blender"

Step 2: 3D Printing

Download the 3D model attached and print it with your preferred size and settings to fit your door height, use support.

After printing is done, remove the support material and clean off the model
Sanding, smoothing and any post processing is optional. (the more time you spend on it the better it turns out at the end)

Step 3: Painting and Finishing Up

This step is completely optional but it makes such a difference.
I used normal acrylic paints with a paintbrush to cover the model, you can use your preferred method of finishing up
I also added foil tape for the friction, this is also optional but protects the paint.

And as you can see in the video, it does the job well and looks great!

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