Introduction: Doorway Booby Trap

This is a neat trap that is quick to build and provides a good introduction to using many tools with a fun end result.

Estimated Time to complete:30mis-60mins

Required tools:

  • Drill
  • Soldering Iron
  • Saw
  • (Spray paint,hot glue gun)

Required Supplies:

  • Wood
  • Rubber Bands
  • Dc motor
  • 9 Volt
  • 2 coins (conductive)
  • Balloon
  • A pencil
  • Thread
  • Blu tack

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

There is nothing worse than getting into a project the realising that you don't have the necessary supplies so check that you have everything before you start.

Step 2: Cutting and Drilling

Mark and cut two thin strips on the wood, these will make the clip that forms the switch in the circuit.

Cut two lengths of pencil to act as the hinge. Drill two holes in each bit of wood one a t each end one going through from top to bottom and one from side to side. The vertical hole will allow the wires to go through and the horizontal holes are for inserting the pencills to form the hinge. Tips.

Start with a small drill bit then build up to a bigger one to avoid splittingCut the pencil so that you have at least 1 cm more than the width of the strip.

Step 3: Soldering (and Spraying-Optional)

Apply a layer of spray paint to the wood if you want.

  1. Solder the positive lead of the battery clip to one coin THROUGHone piece of wood.
  2. Solder the negative lead of the clip to one terminal on the motor
  3. Solder a length of wire from the other terminal on the motor to the other coin THROUGH the other piece of wood

Step 4: Putting It Together

Place elastic bands around the hinges to hold the clip together use another elastic band to attach the motor and the neck of the balloon to the top piece of wood

Attach the battery to the bottom with Blu tack place a piece of paper in between the coins and hook up the battery.

Use blu tack to first attach the device to the top of a doorframe with the paper facing down, then attach a piece of thread to the paper and the door using blu tack at both ends. Finally attach a pin to the motor and voila your trap is complete.

When your target opens the door the balloon will pop giving them a fright ,for a mor lasting attack you can fill the balloon with flour or other powder.

Step 5: Wait for a Victim...

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