Introduction: Dot Matrix ;8x8 With Message or Images

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This Instructable will show you the Dot matrix images I made with the Dot Matrix 8x8 . .Please look at the videos and programs included .

The Dot matrix is a 2 Dimensional display .It consists of 8 columns and 8 rows .If you look closely at the matrix there are small dots ..The Dot matrix also has a large IC(integrated circuit) which drives the LEDs .The Arduino and the Code (program )creates the image or message on the Dot matrix .

If you look at the Code you will see binary numbers this will look like B00010100..this means that in a row ,ones(1) will light up the dot and zero will keep the dot off ..The Dot matrix has 8 rows so you will see 8 binary code like this telling the microcontroller(Arduino) what to light up in the Dot matrix.

Step 1: Dot Matrix8x8

This Instructable will demonstrate the use of Dot matrix 8x8 .I videoed the images and message (see video)

The programs were modifed from Arduino and Make ,( Rui Santos) .I thank both of them for their tutorials .

I modified the Codes to put in my own images .(putting in the binary number was time consuming ,but rewarding)

Step 2: Electronic Components

Dot matrix 8x8

Elegoo (mine) or Arduino

jumpers or wires

Step 3: Programs

These are the programs for the Dot matrix .

The circuit configuration are different for the Codes

There are either;

DIN connects to pin 12

CLK connects to pin 11 ;For the 3 images ;snowflake ,boxes and smile

CS connects to pin 10

connect 5 volts and ground on the Matrix to Arduino


int DIN_PIN = 2;
// data in pin

int CS_PIN = 3; // load (CS) pin ;For the other images

int CLK_PIN = 4; // clock pin

connect 5 volts and ground on the Matrix to Arduino

Step 4: Conclusion

I am hoping you with view the videos to see the images and message( Hi)

The programs are enclosed .

I hope you enjoyed the Instructable .You can make your own images and message on

You can modify a Code and put in your own binary unit for the 8x8 matrix ( to do this you put in 1 for the dot you want light up and 0 for the dots not light up .Go put in number for each dot for each row and then put in all the row.) If you look at the Code you will see for example B00010100(that is one row ;this means dot 4 and 6 will light up).You will need to do this for each line or row .There are 8 rows in a Dot matrix 8x8.

Enjoy the videos and the Codes .

Thank you