Introduction: Double Bacon Cheeseburgers

Made these to watch Bathurst 500 and they were so good. Time to make more!

Step 1: Cut 6 Buns in Half and Butter Both Parts

Step 2: Cut 1 Medium Onion and Place Into Grill Basket

Step 3: 1kg of Angus or Prime Mince, Divide Into 6 and Use Patty Maker to Make Patties

Put 2 into each Grill Basket.

Step 4: 2 Pieces of Bacon Per Burger (12 in Total)

Step 5: 6 Pieces of Pineapple

Add Smoked Paprika and Chili Powder as this will dry out the pineapple while cooking. Generally 1 Tsp of each is enough to do all 6 pieces of pineapple.

Step 6: Beetroot Is Optional But Tastes So Good When Cooked Over Charcoal.

Step 7: Make Sure Everything Is Ready and in Grill Baskets

Step 8: Full 1 Chimney of Charcoal and a Few Fire Lighters

Step 9: Light Charcoal

Step 10: Have a Beer While Waiting for the Charcoal to Heat Up

Step 11: Grill Meat First, Takes About 10mins, Turn Once Only.

Once cooked, Add cheese slice per patty and wait for it to melt.

Step 12: Grill Onion, Pineapple and Beetroot Next

Step 13: Assemble Burger and Toast Buns

Always in this order:






2nd Bacon


Once Bun is toasted Add Mayo, Pickle and BBQ Sauce to the bun base

Step 14: Enjoy!

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