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Introduction: Double Stuffed IKEA Pillows

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On my most recent trip to IKEA I bought 4 Slan Pillows to use in my new bed set.They weren't very substantial but they were crazy cheap ($2) and my local IKEA was out of most of the mid-range quality pillows. So I bought four of them because I'm an idiot who thought that I wasn't picky about the size of my pillows.

About a week later I regretted the decision. I have a big head and the pillows were just pancaking underneath it. They also weren't even big enough to fill their pillowcases which made all my pillows look sort of saggy and sad-looking.

So I decided I needed new pillows but buying four pillows and throwing out four pillows seemed like a waste. I decided to only by two new pillows. Then I could use the four meager Slan pillows to make two double-stuffed Slan Pillows.

The General Idea:

I figured if I sewed a seam that attached the two pillows together, one on top of the other, and outlined the shape of the pillow then I would get two pillows that were the same size in two dimensions but had twice as much stuffing crammed into that same footprint.

Things you need:

  1. Some (more than 1) Slan pillow (or some other unsubstantial pillow)
  2. sewing machine and sewing kit
  3. pins

Step 1: Pin One Side

  1. Choose a side of one pillow and its corresponding side of the other pillow.
  2. Shake or push the pillow filling away from these sides.
  3. Place one pillow on top of the other.
  4. Line each pillows side up edge to edge, corner to corner with one pillow on top of the other.
  5. Pin the sides together (they're should be four layers of lining, two for each pillow).

Step 2: Sew a Stay Stitch on One Side

1. Place one corner of the side that you're going to be stitching together under the foot. I chose a 1/4" seam allowance because it is small and easy to keep even but to be honest how far in your stitching doesn't really matter.

2. Start the stay stitch by back-tacking.

3. Continue stitch to the end of the side.

4. Back-tack to keep the stitch in good shape.

Note: Now you should have one side finished. It should look like the last two photos of this step.

Step 3: Repeat for the Remaining Three Sides

Now that you have one pair of sides attached to each other, you're going to repeat the last two steps (pinning and sewing) on the remaining three pairs of corresponding sides. This will leave you with one singular P.S.O. (Pillow Shaped Object).

The picture for this step shows what the pillow will look like after you've finished two pair of corresponding sides.

Step 4: DONE: Compare Your New Double Stuffed Pillow to Your Old One

After you've repeated the steps for all the remaining sides then you're done! You really probably only have to sew two sides (two parallel sides) because you're going to hopefully end up stuffing the new pillow into a pillow case anyways. I thought I might as well just sew all four so it looked very pillow-like object and not a tube-like object.

This process took me about 15 minutes.

The photos I've uploaded to this step are comparisons of the as-bought Slan pillow and my new Double Stuffed Slan pillow. The difference is pretty noticeable/awesome.

Step 5: Enjoy (Bury Yourself in Extra Fluffy Pillows)


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    6 years ago

    many years when i was in late teens i used a worn out duvet stuffing and stuffed simple pillow cases with them to the brim and stiched☺


    6 years ago

    Fluffy for sure.