Introduction: Dowel Peg Tablet Stand

I was in the Historic Albany Architectural Parts Warehouse after buying myself a 10 inch tablet and came up with the idea that I needed a stand for my new tablet and thought I could make 1 with what was in the Historic Albany Architectural Parts Warehouse, I looked in a pile of wood and found a piece of finished wood that was the right size (I think that it was some really plain trim in its former life) and some fat dowel pegs that someone had donated by the garbage can full. Paid a dollar for what I found and brought it home to build what some of those who saw it a pretty elegant tablet stand.

Step 1: Tools




spade bit the same size as your dowel pegs

fine tooth saw (used my multi saw)


Step 2: Supplies

Piece of wood not much longer or shorter then your tablet (Mine ended up about 3/4 of an inch shy) by 6 inches at least 1 by thick but you can get away with a chuck of 2 by.

Dowel rod or pegs between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch and long enough so that you have at least 3 pegs that are 5 inches long and in my case 3 pegs that are 1 3/4 inches long.

Wood glue.

Step 3: Measurements

Flip your base top side down then measure and draw a line 1 inch from each edge. (allow more for the ends if you have a longer piece of wood than you need)

Measure the length of your base and mark the middle.

Going from front to back draw a line in the middle.

Step 4: Drilling

Keep the base top down.

Put your spade bit in the drill and drill holes part of the way through your base so that the point on the bit pokes through the top of the base at each of the 6 spots the lines cross.

Flip the base over and complete drilling each hole using the holes left from the spade bit point as a guide. (this will prevent chip out on the base for a nice neat look)

Step 5: Peg Prep

Measure the thickness of your base wood. (mine was 1 inch thick)

Cut 3 pegs each as follows.

Back pegs are base thickness plus 4 (in my case the pegs were already 5 inches each so I skipped cutting them)

Front pegs need to be base thickness plus 1/2 an inch. (in my case 1 1/2 inches)

Step 6: Assembly

Along the back use the mallet to knock in each of the longer pegs after adding glue where the pegs and the base meet each other (don't put any glue on the flat bottoms of the peg you could end up gluing your stand to your work surface that way)

Repeat with the shorter pegs for the front and with a short wait for the glue to dry you can use your tablet stand.

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