Introduction: Dragstar/Vstar 650 Exhaust Mod

A simple mod to the standard exhaust on a Dragstar (AKA Vstar) classic xvs650A. It can be done on the standard model as well!

No rejetting required and the sound is vastly improved and louder.

If you undertake this job I advise that you use a skilled mechanic and can not be held responsible for any negative consequences.

Step 1:

As you can see the first two plates are the end cone section, these are fine to drill through. If you go through the second or third baffle plate you must then re-jet your carbs.

Step 2: Exhaust Update

As you can see, I have drilled out 4 more holes on both silencers and enlarged them to 10 mm instead.

You can also see how much of a visual improvement it is, especially when painted.