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Introduction: Dramatic Blue & Pink Cut Crease

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So this look is very dramatic and very colorful :) I am now obsessed with colorful eye looks i feel they are so fun and perfect for clubbing looks.

Step 1:

So first I apply some concealer to the lids of my eyes and blend this out with my finger. This is going to help prep my eyes for the eye shadow and be able to give the best colour pay off as possible. I then take a skin toned eye shadow and then apply this on top of the concealer. This is going to set the concealer to stop it from moving and makes the blending so much easier.

Step 2:

Then taking a bright pink eye shadow I applied this to the crease of my eye making sure this is blended by taking a fluffy brush and blending out the edges. I then take the colour and keep doing the steps until I am happy with the look.

Then with a dark plum I apply this right above the crease as I have hooded eyes. I then take a fluffy brush and blend this out so its not so harsh. Once again I keep doing this step until I am happy.

Then taking a bright blue colour i just applied this on the lid of my eye and blend this out into the crease so there is no harsh lines.

Finally taking a white colour I apply this to the inner corner of my eye as a highlighter and also to the brow bone.

Step 3:

Then taking some gel liner I create a wing with it and also take this to the waterline. I then apply my mascara and lashes to complete the eyes.

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