Introduction: Draw a Cartoon Wolf 1

Step 1: Face Outline

Outline the body, try not to trace over and try be meet it helps and with the snout add two sharp curves dr the mouth and in between then a rainbow curve, if u don't get it at first try again and add hair curving outward

Step 2: Add Ears and Skull

Add ears they don't have to be perfect size and scalp with 2 hairs sticking out, curve the sculp like half a ball just above the ears

Step 3: Add Facial Expressions

Add eyes like half a mustaches then add a circle under it for the eyes then a circle for the pupil add 2 lines for the snout above nose, add nose a oval ball

Step 4: Outline in Black

Add teeth and outline all in black and scribble in bloches of black in hair peice and there u go u have a simple cartoon wolf face