Introduction: Draw a Cartoon Whale

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This simple instructable will teach you how to draw a cartoon image of a whale.  It uses the simplest of items, namely:

A #2 pencil and
A sheet of drawing paper
(now, how simple is that, hmmmmmm?!)

Additionally, I used a ruler and a cutting mat.....not that you remotely would have to use those, but they're nice for an amateur like me!  Just for politeness, I'll also use a couple of colored pencils to finish it off, but those aren't necessary. You also might strongly consider using a hefty eraser, as there're actually several reference lines that you'll have to do away with.

[The quality of some of my photos might ebb and flow as I used two different cameras during this process!]

Let's begin:

Step 1: And Now, We Form the Body.....

Start by drawing a basic rectangle (as pictured)....I put the measurement there for reference (um, don't draw that). I purposely drew the lines a bit too could back off on that just a wee bit .

Then, draw half-circles on each end of the rectangle (I just free-handed mine, but feel free to use an instrument, if you'd like).........[that was weird....... to type, "use an instrument"....but, I digress].........and onward.............
This gives you the concrete basis for the whale's body.

Step 2: Draw the Eye

A. First erase a small section of the vertical line found along the left side of the rectangle.
B.  Then draw an oval (notice how it's slightly canted to the right about 10 degrees?)

Step 3: Complete the Inner Aspect of the Eye

Next, draw some simple half-circles inside the eye to help give it more detail.

Step 4: The Mouth and the Tail

A. Now, draw the whale's mouth.....which is just two curved lines.

B. Next, draw the body fins (the fins located along the lower portion of the whale's body).

C. Then, draw the tail and tail fins (also, erase the right-most reference curve). [see photo 2 for this step]

Clean up the horizontal lines (with an eraser) around the body fins.

Step 5: Clean Up!

Now, clean up the vertical reference lines with your eraser. (The lighting in this photo shows up the erased lines more than the naked eye can really see -- or maybe I'm just getting old!!)

Once that's done, begin drawing the spout of water spray! [From here, forward, it's really just fun stuff!]

Step 6:

From here, simply color in the water spout and add a few drops of water. Use a slightly darker blue color in the whale's body itself.

[Careful when you color in/around the eye].

You might consider playing with the main colors...........I really wanted my whale to be a bit closer to purple, but I couldn't find that pencil!

Enjoy and please rate this instructible.