Introduction: Drawing Cartoons

About: 13 years old, love hunting and fishing, I am a great shot especially with a recurve bow.

This is a cartoon face that I drew. I draw these a lot and they are vary easy to do all you need to foo is......................

Step 1:

First draw the eyes and try to get them some what of the same size.

Step 2:

Then the nose.(please note u can make what ever type of nose u want, there are many styles of noses out there.)

Step 3:

Then draw the mouth. (Wich u can also make a different style mouth)

Step 4:

Then draw circle around eyes nose and etc

Step 5:

Then draw the ears(wich u can also use different styles of ears.)

Step 6:

Then draw some under hair on the top of head.

Step 7:

Then draw a darker layer of long hair, then draw a darker shaded beard. Then go over the other parts of face.

Then your good to go

Step 8:

Please remember u can change out parts of the cartoon face to different or customized styles of the different parts.

Thanks and please tell me what u think of this.