Drawing a Tree


Introduction: Drawing a Tree

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Hello, everyone! Today's the day of my first ever drawing Instructable, showing you how to draw a tree. Let's get started!


Pencil or pen


Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

Step 1: Top of the Tree

This step is easy if you know how to draw a circle. All it is is drawing a circle at the top of the page. And, don't forget to draw the number 8 in the circle! You can use a compass to make a perfect circle.

Step 2: Drawing the Middle

Draw 2 line segments extending from the circle, and draw a circle at the end of each line segment, referring to the image above.

Step 3: Drawing the Middle, Part II

Draw a number 2 in the left circle, and 4 in the right circle.

Step 4: Base

Extending from the 4 circle, draw 2 diagonal line segments, like you did in step 2, and draw a 2 in each circle.

Step 5: Add Color!

This step is totally optional. But if you want, you can color the stem brown and the leaves green. You can do what I did and connect the things with more line segments, so then you can color the stem. That's it, friends!

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