Dream Catcher Key-ring: What You Will Need




Introduction: Dream Catcher Key-ring: What You Will Need

You will need:

1 big-sized key-ring

1 smaller (normal) key-ring

Brown string or twine

3 very small feathers

9 or 12 small beads

White string/ cotton string

Step 1: Step One

You can skip this step if you do not wish to make the loop brown.wrap the big key ring with brown string all the way round .Make sure to wrap tightly to prevent the string loosening or .At the end, you can either tie the string into a knot or hot-glue it onto the ring, to prevent from brown string unravelling.

Step two

Make a loop around the ring and twist tightly. Make four more loops, twisted to resemble a pentagon shape.Carry on

and cross over some strings to resemble star shape. This is the easiest pattern you can do for dream catchers.

Step three

Now all you have to cut three pieces of that white string, around five to eight cm, and tie three feathers onto each end of the string, thread the beads through, three or four beads in each string, depending on how many beads you have got.Finaly ,tie the three bits of string onto the loop, cut off any excess string, and you are done. (:

Tip:if you do not have any small feathers, then you can find some around parkas or sleeping bags, or pillows.

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    4 years ago

    It's very cute! I love the ombre pink beads!