Introduction: Dreidel

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Lesson Overview:

Now we're going to make a dreidel!

Step 1: Background

This project will create a dreidel with the Hebrew letters Nun, Gimel, Hei, and Shin on each of the four sides. Feel free to customize it in any way that you like.

Step 2: Creating the Bottom Form of the Dreidel

The first step is to create the basic shape of the dreidel. We are going to use the negative of a paraboloid geometric primitive to cut a block into the right shape.


  1. Drag a paraboloid from the geographic primitives drawer to the work plane and rotate it so the flat part is facing up. Turn the paraboloid into a hole. Leave the default dimensions.
  2. Drag another block to the workplane and place it so that the parabola is exactly inside the block equidistant from all corners. You can use the Align tool to center.
  3. Group the block and the paraboloid so that the block has a hole in it the same shape as the paraboloid.
  4. Resize the shape it to be 30 mm wide, 30 mm deep and leave it 20 mm high.
  5. Change this new shape into a hole.

Step 3: Creating the Dreidel Body

This step will to use the paraboloid hole to cut a block into the dreidel shape.


  1. Drag a block to the workplane.
  2. Resize the block to 20 mm wide, 20 mm deep and 30 mm high. This is the primary shape of the dreidel.
  3. Use the Align tool to center the block in the paraboloid shape.
  4. Select all the objects (new block and paraboloid) and group them. This will effectively cut off the end of the new block.

Step 4: Creating the Handle

This step will add a thin cylinder to create a handle.


  1. Drag a cylinder to the workplane and resize it to 8 mm deep, 8 mm wide and 20 mm high.
  2. Raise it over the workplane so that most of it is above the level of the block.
  3. Use the Align tool to align the cylinder and the block on both horizontal axes.
  4. Group the shapes.

Step 5: Creating the Hebrew Characters

Now we need to add the Hebrew letters. Tinkercad has the ability to import a two-dimensional SVG file and turn it into a three-dimensional object. You can use an online converter with any PNG, TIF, Gif or any other picture format to create an SVG file.


  1. Find source images for your symbols or lettering.
  2. Convert source images in to SVG's using an editor. For instance:
  3. Import the SVG in to Tinkercad.
  4. Turn the resulting shape in to a hole.
  5. Align and embed the shape into the surface of the dreidel 2mm.
  6. Combine the shapes.
  7. Repeat for each letter.
  8. Turn the letters into holes.

Step 6: Creating Side One

Select one of your characters and use the align tool to center it with the dreidel.


  1. Rotate one of the characters so that it is parallel with a dreidel face.
  2. Use the Align tool (described in the picture) to embed the letter into the side of the dreidel.

Step 7: Repeating the Process for the Remaining Sides

Keep going, great work!


  1. Rotate one of the characters so that it is parallel with a dreidel face.
  2. Use the Align tool (described in the picture) to embed the letter into the side of the dreidel.

Step 8: Printing Your Dreidel

Because this shape has an overhang (the handle) you will need to turn on supports to make sure the printer can create the handle. Another option would be to turn the dreidel to a 45° angle and use support material to hold it up while printing. The handle would print without problems but the support material would have to be sanded off the parabaloid shape after printing.

In the next lesson you will learn to make a toy soldier!

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