My Not Hanging Cordless Drill Storage

Introduction: My Not Hanging Cordless Drill Storage

This is how I organize my cordless drills. Unlike many others, I chose to not hang my drills from plastic pipes or slots in plywood shelves. Instead with this solution my drills rest in good balance, and I won't accidently damage the direction switch when docking the drill. The station has a hidden space for chargers below the drills, so they can be charged when docked. It also has a small accessory drawer at the bottom.

Step 1: Building It

I wanted to store my coordless drills for fast access, as I use them all the time. All my drills have approximately the same head diameter, and I found they can all dock in a 45 mm hole. The spacers lift the handle of the drill just enough the get the machine body to dock flush with the plate.

The spacers are different for each drill. I could have shaped them like the profile of each different battery, but I didn't bother, and it isn't a problem. If the spacer has the right size, the drill body rests nicely against the edge of the hole.

I didn't fasten the plate or the spacers. It isn't nessasary, and this way I can easily make changes if a new drill comes along.

I played around with finding a good angle for the plate. If closer to horizontal, the drills can be stored in a drawer.

I saw many examples of drill storage where the drill is hanging from a plastic pipe or a cut-out in a plywood shelf. But i wasn't sure about this idea, because the direction switch would come in the way, and maybe get damaged.

Step 2: Accessory Bar and Chargers

Recently I added a simple accessory bar a the back. This way I have my most common accessories available right where I need them - when grabbing the drill. It's just a 15 mm piece of plywood with two rows of holes. One row has a 3 mm strip glued under the holes, so bits won't fall through. The upper row is for accessories that are longer and can hang the hole. Second picture shows how my charger (two drills use the same charger) is stored under the shelf. Third picture shows how I have put it in my shop. I put my most used drills in a block on the right, and another charger for my lithium batteries.

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    4 years ago

    Where is the charger!?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, I added a couple of more pictures so you can see how I set it up. There is a charger below the helf. The charging wire goes up through a hole in the shelf, so I can charge one drill while stored. Two of my drills use the same charger, so that's why I only added one charger. I have another charger for my AEG drill on the right side og the cabinet, as can be seen in the new pictures. Thanks for your question.