Introduction: Dropcam Unplugged!

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Last Fall, I got a neat new toy: a Dropcam Wi-fi Security Camera and have been experimenting with new ways to use it ever since!   A few months ago, I modified a birdhouse to accommodate the Dropcam, so that I could mount it outside, as a front door intercom.  But  a birdhouse with a power cord, well, somehow it just didn't look natural, you know?  In this video, I finally decide to cut the cord  and make my Dropcam HD fully wireless.  Now that my Dropcam is unplugged and untethered, I'm finding all kinds of new ways to make use of it

And here is the pre-quel to this video.  It's called Dropcam Birdhouse:

Oh, what's that you say?  You just can't get enough of this Dropcam hacking?  I just happen to have one more pre-quel to add to your Dropcam Marathon.  Lucky you!
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