Introduction: Drum Kit From Trash

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This drum kit is easy to make and playable! So have fun! Also, this instructable will be entered in a contest, so please vote for it!

Step 1: Materials

Gather your materials. You will need one coffee can, a small sized container with a lid, two cans of the same size, one bigger can, skewers, a hot glue gun, two can tops of the same size, and one bigger can top.

Step 2: Mount Bass Drum Supports

Take the skewers and break them to the desirable size and hot glue them on either size of the coffee can.

Step 3: Mount the Toms

First, poke holes in the top of the coffee can and poke in skewers broken to the desirable size. Then, hot glue the skewers to the outside of one of the cans of the same size. After that, do the same with the other can.

Step 4: Mount the Snare

Hot glue the small container to one side of the drum. You might want to make a support for it with a skewer.

Step 5: Mount Floor Tom

Hot glue the bigger can to the other side of of the drum.

Step 6: Mount Hi-Hat

Flip one of the two same sized can tops over and poke a hole in it. Then put a skewer through the hole. Then put glue on the one side connecting it to the skewer. Once that dries, poke a hole in the other can top. Put a skewer through the hole and glue on the top.

Step 7: Mount Cymbal

Poke a hole in the big can top a stick a skewer through it. Then glue it in place.

Step 8: *Optional

If you want, you can cut out a piece of paper and write your band name on it and glue it to the bass drum.

Step 9: Rock Out!!

Use pencils as drumsticks and play the drum and have a great time!

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