Introduction: Drum Stick Nespresso Pod Holder

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As a music producer I work in the Rock and Roll industry!!!! Now while in the days of yore the main fuel of rock and roll used to be whiskey, drugs and fat bottomed girls (courtesy of queen!) Now its good old coffee!

So I bought a lovely Nespresso machine for my recording studio and I went looking for a cool pod holder.

Alas! It turns out a lot of the pod holders out there are just, I hate to say it but, just a little bit square for the more funky of us :-(

So I thought OK there's bound to be a cool instructable to make one! Hmmm I found a few nice ones but nothing music related and certainly not Rock and Roll!

Sooooo it was time to put the thinking cap on and drum up a solution LOL (my audition for "How It's Made")

Step 1: All You Need Do Do Do Do

3 x drum stick (nice ones look nicest)

a small square of wood to use a a base, I used Oak as its heavy and won't fall over.

Glue, epoxy or wood glue etc...

a drill bit preferably the diameter of the drum sticks



elastic band

varnish or paint etc.

Nespresso pods

Step 2: "Size" of the Tiger .....

OK If you're wood is not already in a square (I was lucky enough to find a square tree)

1. Cut it out into a square using a saw. I used a table saw as oak is hard to cut.

My dimensions were: 11cm x 11cm

but you can cut whatever size you like so long as its big enough not to fall over and still fit the pod.

2. Put the pod in the middle of the square and place a drum stick to one side of the pod.

Make sure the lid of the pod is behind the stick as this is what will hold it in.

3. Take a pencil and mark the circle around the base of the stick, this is where you will drill the hole.

4. While holding the first stick in place, pick up the 2nd stick and put it on the other side of the pod, lightly jamming the pod between the two sticks but not squashing it. Now hold the second stick in place and remove the first stick. you can now mark the second stick hole and know that the pod will be held in by the two stick when in place.

Step 3: Jagged Little "Drill"

1. Take the drill and drill the two holes you just marked. not worrying about the third hole just yet.

2. Place the two sticks in the holes with the pod in the middle, now place the third stick at the back of the pod until the pod straightens up and doesn't sag.

3. Look between the two sticks and make sure the back stick is exactly in the middle of the two front sticks creating a triangle.

4. When you're happy mark the hole for the back stick.

5. Then Drill the hole for the back stick.

Note: If your shed is a mess like mine and you cant find a drill bit big enough to fit the stick in the hole you can always taper the end of the stick. I used a bench grinder for this but you can use whatever works for you!

Step 4: Stuck in the Middle With "Glue"

Next we're going stick it to the man!

1. Mix up some epoxy or wood glue I used Epoxy because it sets in 10 mins and I'm ridiculously impatient.

2. Put the glue in the 3 holes

3. Now put the sticks in the holes.

4. Place a few pods in the stand.

5. Put an elastic band around the sticks mid way up, this will keep it all tightly in position until

it dries.

Step 5: Tom Waits.......

...... for the glue to dry.

Then he removes the "elastic ono band" and checks that its all "rock set"!.... Sorry!!!!!!

You can now Paint or varnish it if you want.

Once its all dry

"Living on a Prayer".... put in the pods and hope that it doesn't "Fall To Pieces".

Step 6: Rock Your "Pody"

Take a smug picture of your new uptown funky i-pod holder for facebook!

and of course enjoy a nice cup of Coffee!!!!!!!!

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