Introduction: Drunken Elves

Elves flew out the sleigh, they were drinking & crashed Rudolph. This instructable is for the simpler elves sticking out the ground. I did the reindeer & a few standing ones as well I will try to document better next time. I find stopping to take several pics in the middle of projects tends to hamper my creative flow. I think I will have someone else take pics for me next time around.

Step 1: Poles

Poles in the ground 1.5ft down. Use a hammer.

Step 2: Pants

Use old pants or sew some(as I did for the Elves) place over poles & start stuffing. Use fluff or waded up newspaper, whatever you can find to make the pants look filled out. If the poles you are using are able to be bent bend or both at the knee joints.

Step 3: Shoes

You can use normal shoes or paper-mache your own. After you've stuffed the pants place shoe over end of pole. Depending on what your working with your best bet is to hot glue the pants on to the top of the shoe to secure it & angle foot how you'd like

Step 4: Heads

If you have a head half bury it in the ground however tall you envision your guy to be should be how far the head is from the legs. Move the dirt around, envision how the object(the elf)got there. Mine flew out the sleigh so I bunched up dirt toward top of head piled dirt in middle like his body was underground.

Step 5:

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