Duck Tape Headphones




Introduction: Duck Tape Headphones

So a little while ago I lost the little plastic things that go on the end of my earbuds and didn't want to replace them so I turned them into this.

Step 1: Getting Materials

All to need for this Instructable is a pair of still working earbuds, pillow fluff, cotton balls or just a cushion of some sort, wire (I used a wire hanger), pipe cleaners, scissors, a head band (not in picture), pliers and of course duck tape.

Step 2: Make the Frame

I used a wire hanger to make the frame. First I shaped it into two squares then added a criss-cross pattern on the inside with pipe cleaners.

Step 3: Cushion

Now we need a cushion for around the ear. I found some fluff from a pillow my dogs ripped, but cotton balls should work too. I made a a couple strips if duck tape the length of the frames sides, placed the fluff in the center and rolled it up long ways. I gave it a couple wraps more with duck tape just to be safe.

Step 4: Duck Tape Time!!

Now wrap the wire and cushion together with duck tape. Once it's a single piece, cover the pipe cleaners and back.

Step 5: Attaching Earbuds

Next cut a hole in the bottom of each headphone then stick in the earbuds and tape them down. I put them in at an angle so that they are facing into my ear and will sound a little louder.

Step 6: Completing Headphones

Lastly I cut a little whole in the tips of each headphone stuck the end of a headband in each and taped it down on the inside.

Step 7: Your Done!!

Connect the two pieces and listen to your music. This instruct able took me about 4.5 hrs to make but the frame took the most time so you might want to try and find a more bendible substitute.

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    9 years ago

    Haha their not that bad actually


    9 years ago

    Whoa! Can these possibly be comfortable?