Introduction: Duct Tape Christmas Stocking

This is a tutorial on how to make a cute duct tape Christmas stocking. I will be making a smaller size than what would actually be reasonable but you can use your own sizes.

Step 1: Materials!

You will need:

1. An X-acto knife

2. A durable cutting board (I have one solely for duct tape)

3. Duct Tape! You can use either the rolls or the sheets. (I prefer rolls)

4. (Optional) A stocking for reference.

Step 2: Fabric!

This step is a little hard. You will need to take the length of your stocking and lay a strip that long STICKY SIDE DOWN on your cutting board. Repeat to get the width of your stocking. Be sure to slightly overlap each strip. Flip your sheet over (Sticky side up) and lay strips STICKY SIDE DOWN on top in the opposite direction. Cut or fold over the rough edges and repeat for the second sheet.

Step 3: Cutting!

Lay each of your duct tape sheets on top of each other and trace the shape of your stocking on. The you will cut out both sheets at once. If you're confident in your skills like me then skip the tracing step.

Step 4: Taping!

I had this small roll of green duct tape that I decided I would use. I basically put one half (lengthwise) on one piece and folded it over. Repeat until all edges (Except the top) are taped together

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