Introduction: Duct Tape Flower Pen


For this project you will need at least 2 rolls of duct tape, an X-ACTO knife, a hard surface that is okay for you to cut ( a cutting mat is recommended), ruler, and most importantly a pen.

Step 1:

Grab your pen and lay it down on your surface. The length from the end of the cap to the end of the pen is how long you want to cut a piece of tape. It will usually be 4 inches long, which is the length I did. When you have the piece of tape that is the appropriate length, you are going to have to roll that around the pen. That piece of tape resembles the stem color of the flower.

Step 2:

After that you are going to have to roll out the tape 16 inches. I did that with both rolls. After that you cut each piece 2 inches. I did that but I separated them so it would be easier to see. For each strip of tape you should have 8 pieces and, 16 in total.

Step 3:

Next, grab a strip that you cut and lay it sticky side up. Grab one corner and bring up towards the center. After that, bring the corner above the one you folded and, bring it down. After that press on it so it sticks. By doing that you should have a triangle shaped tip that makes the pedal. Repeat this step with all of your pieces.

Step 4:

The first picture shows all of my pieces turned into pedals. Next grab the end of the pen and attach a pedal to it like so. Grab one side and roll that on the pen so it stays. After that you should end up with something like picture 3. Do the same thing with the left side.

Step 5:

After putting on one pedal you want to add another directly across from it. After that add another to the right and left of your original pedal. Don't forget to put it on the same way you put on the first one. You may be adding more pedals but the applying process never changes. When you have added those pedals it should look like the pen/flower in the first picture.

After applying the first 4 pedals you want to add the next 4 different colored pedal. Repeat Step 5 when adding them.

Step 6:

Now cut a piece of tape that is the same color as the "stem". Its has to be 4 inches. When you have that cut it in half. Grab one piece of the tape and start rapping it around the ends of the last row of pedals that you added. It is okay if it is bumpy.

Step 7:

With the other half of the tape you want to wrap it again. This time it is just to sort of flatten and hide the wrinkles and bumps from the first time you wraped it.

Step 8:

After doing all of the steps you have created you own flower pen. There are many different patterns you can do with the pedals (like the one on the right) but, i decided to the basics. I hoped that this helped you sort of understand how to make a duct tape flower pen. :)