Duct Tape Kite!




Introduction: Duct Tape Kite!

This kite is an awesome kite and it is easy to make! The materials used in this instructable is commonly found at home, if not you will probably find it at the closest supermarket. This is actually the first time I have ever made a kite, so I hope you like it!!

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • news paper
  • some kind of thread( My choice was dental floss)
  • scissors 
  • three skewers
  • some kind of tool to cut the skewers
  • and most important DUCT TAPE!!

Step 2: The Fabric

 And you might be asking yourself, Why didn´t he just use two sheets of duct tape fabric instead of newspaper? Well the reason why I used newspaper instead of duct tape was because it would be way too heavy, news paper is light so it is just perfect.  Start by covering the newspaper in strips of duct tape, covering almost the whole sheet. 

Step 3:

Now mark the outside of the kite. From top to bottom, 24 cm/ 9,7 inches. From left to right, 22,8 cm/ ca. 9 inches. Lastly from top to the point where the two is crossing, 5 cm/ 2 inches. Then just outline the figure.

Step 4:

Using your drawing as a guideline, cut your skewers. Put one on top of another and then line them up to the drawing. Remeber to make a  Then we would have to attach the two skewers to each other, for this we will use duct tape. Now this does not have to look pretty, all that really matters is that they stick well together. 

Step 5: The Line of the Kit

Ok, so what we will start with here is making some grooves for the thread to sit still. But before we begin with that I have to say be careful! Even though you have many years experience of making small grooves, you can cut yourself!! Small children should be under parental supervision if they use a sharp object. For all you people that can handle it if they cut themselves, I am sorry for taking your time. Anyways, back to the build! Make grooves on each corner, you can do this with almost any sharp tool. Put the string on the bottom groove, than tape it in a way that it will stay there for a long time. Use a lot of tape for this part. It is important that the bottom is heavy, because it has to be stable. Keep working your way over the three other corners, taping it down as you are moving towards the end. When you come down to where you started, tape it down massively.

Step 6: Put It on the Other Side

The four different points needs to be transferred to the other side, because we want the duct tape side facing out. The way I did this was using a pen and poking trough the four points so that they show up on the other side. Then I used a ruler and drew lines connecting the dots.

Step 7:

Now cut the whole thing out with one inch from the line. Dont throw the remaining fabric away just yet, we will need it later. Line the wooden pieces up to the drawing and use tape to secure it over the line and to the body, as shown in the pictures.

Step 8: The Tail

Cut a piece of string (about 57 cm./ 22,4"). Now cut some squares out of the fabric ( 7cm by 3 cm/ ca. 2,8" by 1,2"). Then squish them so that they kind of look like a small bow tie. Make four of these with about 7 cm/ 2,8" space in between. 

Step 9: Finishing

cut a 12,5cm/ ca. 5" long string attach it to the skewer going up and attach the rest of the string to that, then put a skewer trough the spool. You are basically done. If you have got any suggestions for what I can do next post it as a comment down bellow. Thanks for watching. Go have some fun!

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    Does it fly?