Introduction: Duct Tape Make-up/Toilet Bag for Her and Him

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I travel a lot for my job and I have had a lot of troubles at boarders with my toilet bag. After many attempts I managed to build a long lasting (most of the plastic bags couldn't make more than one way) bag using transparent tape. I adapted this design with coloured duct tape to make it funnier.

I would like to share it with you today.

What you will need:

  • A freezing bag,
  • Duct tape, best of different sizes and colours,
  • Utility knife and/or X-facto knife,
  • Ruler
  • A flat surface as a cutting mat

Let's build it!

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Step 1: Setting Your Bag

First we will cut the zipper from the the freezing bag.

Take the freezing bag and cut the zipper using the ruler and a knife. You would then have 2 parts for the zipper.

Take one of your zipper parts and position it straight on the cutting mat.

Glue a strip of duct tape, side to side of the zipper. Then glue as much other bands as needed with a little overlap. This will set the width and the height of your pouch. Flip the zipper and glue it in a little hem.

Flip the assembly and glue other bands of duct tape on the back (sticky) of your mounting.

You should end with a two-sided duct tape folio.

Repeat the instructions with the other part of the zipper.

Step 2: Make It a Bag

Take your two folios and assemble them using the zipper.

Position each part carefully in order to obtain the desired size/effect.

Using your ruler and utility knife, remove all extra tape.

Tape a band of duct tape on the bottom of one folio, allowing a part to be flipped and glued on the other folio, creating a connection between the two. Remove extra duct tape and do the same with the sides of your bag.

Once done... you're done. You have a bag.

Step 3: Decoration

If your bag is now finished, it is much better and more beautiful with a little decorating effort.

I have used some masking tapes of different sizes and colours to decorate my 2 bags. I used the ruler to regularly positions the bands.

Et voilà!

Thanks for reading.

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