Duct Tape Pencil Case



Introduction: Duct Tape Pencil Case

This is a easy to make, fun pencil case that you can make in under an hour. It is big enough to hold a variety of stationary items and sturdy enough to be used everyday.

Step 1: Materials

- Fabric and Paper Scissors

- Duct Tape (colour of your choice)

- A3 Sheet of Paper for the Template

- 1 Zip

- Stapler

- Fabric (colour of your choice)

- Thread and needles

Step 2: Cut Out Your Fabric

Pin your template (A3 Paper) onto your fabric and cut it out using fabric scissors.

Step 3: Place the Duct Tape on the Fabric

Measure 1cm from the top and bottom of the fabric and carefully stick the duct tape so that it is level across the fabric. Make sure to leave some tape hanging over the edges.

Step 4: Trim the Tape

Flip the fabric over and trim the duct tape in line with the fabric.

Step 5: Fold the Edges

Fold the top and bottom of the fabric and iron to hold them in place.

Be careful not to iron over the duct tape.

Step 6: Pinning the Zips

Place the folded edges of the fabric on the side of the zip and pin it onto the zip. Fold the fabric over to do this with the other side.

Step 7: Sewing the Zip

Using a needle and thread, sew along the middle of the folded fabric edge, sewing the fabric onto the zips. Do this to both sides.

Step 8: Tape the Zip on

Take a piece of duct tape the size of the pencil case and cut it in half. Place one half over the zip and stitching, leaving some over the edges. Trim the edges, keeping in line with the fabric.

Be careful not to place the tape too close to the zip

Step 9: Turn the Fabric Inside Out

Open the zip and turn the fabric inside out

Step 10: Staple the Sides

Staple along the shorter sides of the case.

I stapled it four times in order to ensure it was secure and sealed.

Step 11: Cut Another Piece of Tape

Cut a piece of tape a bit longer than the shorter side of the case and cut it in half.

Step 12: Securing the Sides

Use the tape cut in the last step to better secure the sides of the pencil case. Place each piece over the staples. Turn the case over and fold the tape over. Press down firmly. Trim the tape in line with the fabric.

Step 13: Turn It Inside Out

Unzip the zip and turn the pencil case inside out by pulling it through the open zip.

Step 14: Finished Product

Your pencil case is now finished. You can personalise it by choosing colours or by adding extra decorations like stickers.

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