Duct Tape Binder!

Introduction: Duct Tape Binder!

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Have an old, falling apart binder? Or do you just want to add some style to you your school supplies? This tutorial will help you reuse your old binders and make them one if a kind!

Step 1: What You Need

A binder Some duct tape Optional:scissors

Step 2: First...

Measure a strip of duct tape to the INSIDE of your binder. It's good to start in the inside because then there will be no loose pieces on the outside when you finish. If you have a pocket on the inside measure to the pocket first.

Step 3: Moreee

Add more strips to the pocket

Step 4: The Real Thing

Now we get on to the bigger part of the binder. Take a strip of duct tape and measure it to the rest of the inside.(make sure it overlaps the top an the pocket a little).

Step 5: Tuck

Tick the remainder of the tape underneath the pocket and wrap the top around to the front.

Step 6: Continue

Do the same all the way down the binder

Step 7: Mirrored

Do the same thing to the other half of the binder.

Step 8: Front

The front is probably a little covered already but we will cover it all the way. Take your duct tape and cover the front. If there is extra, make sure you only fold on the TOP not the bottom because then there would be random colors on the pocket.

Step 9: Copyyyyy

Do the same to the other side

Step 10: The Middle

You can use regular pieces for the middle but it makes the binder close wierd. Take a strip as long as the binder and cut it in half. The pics should explain the rest.

Step 11: Personalize!!

Add your own design to it! It doesn't matter what it is just be creative

Step 12: The End!

Thank you for taking the time to look at this instructable! Please favorite and follow :) --moskiii13

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    9 years ago

    How old are you really you are cute I also make duck tape wallets too I am 13