Introduction: Durable DODOcase VR (plastified)

The first time I came across the DODOcase VR was via my local hackerspaceTkkrLab.

My first impression was that this was a nifty and simple gadget to make almost any mobile phone into a 3D sensation. So I was intrigued. After seeing the first few build I wanted to make mine somewhat more durable and water resistant (you might never know if you encounter rain or other mishaps).

In this inscrutable I wrote down the steps in detail how I did it and how to put the case together.

What you need for this instructable:

got everything? let's begin!

Step 1: Punch Out the Holes

Punch out the premade holes from the faceplate and the main plate.

This can be done easily with a tooth pick (or something similar).

Step 2: Plastifying the Pieces

Take the can of liquid acrylic and spray the following items:

  1. Main plate
  2. face plate
  3. nose piece
  4. phone spacers
  5. The ring shaped stickers

(basically anything paper and carton).

Spray the Main plate, face plate and nose piece on both sides, the other pats don't have to be done since there is adhesive material on the other side.

I do recommend to do this in a well ventilated area and spray first one side and let it dry to the touch. Then flip it over and do the same for the other side.

Step 3: Preparing the Face Plate

Apply the ring shaped stickers to the face plate on the side that reads 'PEER INTO THE FUTURE'. Align the stickers so that it overhangs the hole slightly, this sticker is used to fix the lenses to on the other side.

Now flip the face plate over and places the lenses into the holes fixing them to the stickers you placed earlier. Make sure that the flat side of the lens touches the sticker.

Step 4: NFC Tag

Place the NFC tag where it is designated on the dodocase vr main plate.

This tag then can be later on used to easily install the DoDo case VR portal.
This app can then be later used to install 3D capable applications.

Step 5: Attaching the Magnet

Place one piece of double sided tape on the spot designated for it on panel A of the main plate, if the peace of double sided tape is too short align it to the middle of the DODOcase VR main plate (still within the designated area). Now remove the protection film of the tape.

Fold over panel A to meet the other panel A and fit the magnet inside the hole. It will be held in place by the double sided tape applied earlier.

Step 6: Folding the Case

Place one piece of double sided tape on the spot designated for it on panel A of the main plate, if the peace of tape is too short align it in the middle of the designated area.

Remove the protective film of the double sided tape

Take the nose and face plate and put them together, make sure that the curve of the lens is pointing the same way as the nose plate. (there is also a marking on the main plate about this).

Place the nose and face plate on the main plate and fold the main plate over, so that panel B meets the other panel B

Step 7: Glueing the Pieces

For extra sturdiness glue all the panels together with super/krazy glue.

This is now possible because the DODOcase VR is now plastified.

After applying the glue to the case, simply hold the panels in place till the glue is dry (this will generally take a few seconds).

Step 8: Finishing Up

Place the T shaped sticker between the lenses on the front of the case, this sticker is to keep the DODOcase VR clean and to tidy up the hole in the front where the panels meet.

Stick the Velcro to the designated areas on the case. I recommend to place the harder (brush like) Velcro pieces on the flap, and the softer (hairy) Velcro pieces on the main body of the case.

Place if needed the phone spacers on the flap.

Last but not least, place the metal ring on the outside of th case, over the magnet. This ring will act as a switch.