Introduction: Durable Duct Tape Wallet

This tutorial will show you how to easily make a durable duct tape wallet. 

Look at the pictures and click on them to see further details because they make the instructions a lot clearer.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

Duct Tape
Good Scissors
Ruler (inches)

Decorative Tape
Clasp (NOT magnetic!)
Marker (to mark where to cut)

Step 2: Make the "fabric"

Cut four 10" pieces of tape. Carefully overlap them about a centimeter to make a sheet. Make another sheet. CAREFULLY lay one sheet on top of the other to make "fabric." Cut another 10" piece of tape and make a small slit about half of the width through. Rip the strip in half, but do it fast or it won't work. If you prefer, cut it instead. You'll now have two 10" by 1" strips. Put the strips on either end of the sheet and fold them over so that they cover the exposed edges. Cut the sheet down to 9" (to even out the edges).

Step 3: Make the Main Pouch (for Money)

Fold the sheet in half. Cut a 4" piece of tape. Tear or cut it in half lengthwise (like before). You'll now have two 4" by 1" strips. Tape the two layers of the sheet together. Fold the tape that hangs off so that it goes inside the pouch. Repeat with the other 4" by 1" strip to finish the pouch. Fold the pouch in half and crease it. If it won't stay flat, put something heavy on it or sit on it for a while.

Step 4: How to Make Pockets

Cut three 5" pieces of tape and rip one in half lengthwise (like before). Put the other two sticky sides together (carefully!). Fold the 5" by 1" strip over the long edge of the soon-to-be pocket (like before). Trim the tape down to 4". Rip 1/4" wide pieces of tape (using the same method as before) to secure the pocket in the wallet.

Step 5: How to Make a Coin Pocket

For this step, look at the pictures. They'll help you a lot

Cut three 5" pieces of tape. Take two and lay one on top of another. Leave half of each strip exposed. Take the last piece of tape and cover the sticky side of tape that is facing up. Half of the third/last strip should be on the table. Flip the tape arrangement over. It should have one tape strip facing down on top of two strips facing up on either side of it. Focus on one of the tape strips with the sticky side up. Fold it hotdog style so that its edge is touching the non-sticky tape edge. It should be folded on itself hotdog style. Now only one strip should have sticky parts exposed. Trim the arrangement down to 4". Put the arrangement in the wallet. Tape down all unsecured edges except for ones that are longer than the width of a pocket with 1/4" strips of tape. Make another pocket and place it over the tape arrangement. Fold over the part that isn't taped over the pocket and crease it. You have created a coin pocket! You can attach a clasp, but remember that if you add a clasp, DO NOT use a magnet because it messes up credit cards.

Step 6: Decorate!

Add decorative tape if you want. Sometimes, the wallet doesn't lie flat, but if you put something heavy on it or sit on it for a while, it will stay flat. This wallet will last a long time and it's really thin and lightweight, so it will fit in your pocket. 

Enjoy! I hope you liked this tutorial!