Introduction: Dutchj's Assault Rifle

This is my Assault rifle. It was built with mainly comfort in mind, is reliable and doesn't even look bad. These are the specifications.

Type: Assault Rifle
Ammo Type: Blue Rod
Range: Depends
Firing Interval: 1 second or less
Mag Capacity: 15
Mag Reload Time: approx. ->60 seconds

Before the instructions start, I'd like to note that not all pictures are perfectly clear, that's because they were taken by me and my mobile phone. They should be clear enough for everyone to follow the instrucions without problems. If you do have a problem with anything, please ask.

Step 1: Gather Materials

-57 White
-3 Blue
-115 yellow
-17 green
-29 red
-62 orange
-18 grey

End Connectors
-8 tan lock
-2 black hinge
-2 blue hinge
-2 black ball joint
-11 black Y's
-2 blue end cap

-1 black
-2 grey
-2 red
-2 yellow
-27 blue
-114 white
-220 green ( counted about half, rest is estimate )

-10 blue spacer
-5 silver spacer
-4 thin rubber band
-rubber bands to preference

Motors and Wheels
-18 small tire

All piece counts regard the gun and 1 magazine excluding ammo. If any counts are off please notify me.

Step 2: The Stock

Ok, let's start building this thing.

The stock is very basic, and I assume that you can build it from these pictures. It's 3 connectors wide. If you don't have bendy rods you can make your own stock, but this one is recommended. More or less sections of extension can be used for comfort, but I prefer this amount.

Step 3: The Handle and Trigger Guard

1-2. Build this part.
3-4. The actual handle. This is also 3 connectors wide, like the butt. I avoided any rods poking out into your hand.
5-6. This part will attach the back of the handle to the gun.
7. Attach it like this. Add the white rods for strength. The middle one has to be like that.
8. Add this green connector.
9. Attach a tan clip and a blue peg on the yellow connector like so. If you don't have a blue peg you can use a tan clip facing outwards, or you can use a green rod.
10. The trigger guard. You can use ball joints if you don't have hinges.
11. And attach the first part you made. The handle and trigger guard are done. You can put a thick rubber band around the top of the handle ( around the tan clip ) to make sure it doesn't spread out.

Step 4: The Body and Firing Mechanism / Adding the Handle to the Body

1. First of all, weaken a tan clip like so. This will be used in a bit. You can use a mint tan clip, but it will weaken the gun, and it will wear down eventually.
2-3. This is the firing pin. The bind strap is for a bit more strength so it doesn't explode, however I don't know if it's necessary. Can't be too sure though.
4. Now insert the firing pin into this. This is the weakened tan clip. It's important that the firing pin is at an angle and not straight, so have the tan in the same direction as in the picture. If you put it straight up, down or to the sides the firing pin will catch onto the ammo making it very hard to pull the firing pin back. You may want to wait with one of these blue rods and snap it in later to make it easier to build.
5. Replace this white connector with a yellow connector pointing up in order to fit the better trigger in step 10.
6. If you didn't add the blue rod right away, add it now.
7. This will go on the top slot of the white connectors...
8. ...Like so.
9-10. This is the rail. Make sure the two grey connectors on the firing pin are on it.
11. This part will go under and behind the rail. Make 2 of these panels.
12. Add blue rods, and then add yellow connectors and white rods onto them.
13. Add the second panel.
14. A top view.
15. This is how it attaches to the rail.
16. The back of the handle attaches like this. The green rods on the body go in the Y connectors. They don't have to click in tightly.
17. And patch it up.

Step 5: The Body and Firing Mechanism / Adding the Handle to the Body - Part 2

18. This is the trigger. Nice and simple.
NOTE: There is a better trigger that can handle more power in step 10, if you want it ( suggested ) check that out now
19. Bottom view of the trigger.
20-21. Attach these 2 yellows to the trigger like this.
22. Attach it to the gun. Make sure it's properly inserted between the white connectors.
23. Add this yellow connector, and the white rods to cover up the hole.
24. More easy stuff. However...
25. ...Don't forget this orange connector.
26. Now for the barrel. The grey connectors are decapitated, I assume you have some or know how to make some. If you don't, check out this Link.
27. You'll need 2 of these.
28. Add them to the side, make sure the Y connectors point to the outside.
29. Attach the barrel.
30. Make 2 of this panel.
31. And attach them.
32. Time to make the top.
33. Make this. The grey connector is the rear sight.
34-35. This is were the grey connector above the trigger comes in. This is to keep the sight straight. It will be sloped a little, but that's not a problem.
36-37. The last part of the body...
38-39. Voila!

Step 6: The Fake Barrel and Foregrip

1. Start with this.
2. And attach it to the body.
3. Now, I figured this out a bit too late. It's best to leave those blue rods off, and attach them later.
4-6. This is the top of the fake barrel. The thing at the front is the front sight.
7. Make sure the middle is snapped into the yellow rod of the barrel.
8. Now you should put the blue rods in all of the holes of the top oranges, and then add one side panel. Now you should also attach the blue rods to the rest of the panel as shown. Don't attach blue rods where there are none in the picture.
9. Make three of these.
10. Then slide them onto the bottom blue rods like this.
11. And attach the second panel.
12-13. The foregrip is pretty self-explainatory. Stuff two red rods with white connectors, and put on small tires if you have enough.
14. Make 2 of these.
15. And use them to attach the foregrip to the gun.
16. And the front end is done!

Step 7: Attaching the Stock

1.Take the back of the gun...
2. ...And the stock.
3. And join them...
4. ...Like so.
5. Now the gun itself is done!

Step 8: The Magazine

1-2. This is the main body of the Magazine. If you want it to be easier to remove from the gun, you can change the white rods at the top for green rods.
3.This is the pusher, the right black thing is a green rod. I didn't have any green ones around, and thought it looked better with a black one.
4. Introduce the pusher to the magazine.
5-6. This will close the mag at the bottom.
7. This is the finished magazine.

Step 9: Rubber Bands, Loading and Firing

1. The rubber bands around the trigger. I used two rubber bands, because one doubled up band is too strong but one band is too weak.
2-3. This is how the main rubber band(s). If you use long rubberbands you can attach them to one of the blue rods on the fake barrel.
4. The rubber bands on the pusher of the magazine attach to the top like this.
5. This pin will be inserted before loading the magazine.
6. This is how a loaded magazine should look. The pin is inserted through the body into the pusher.
7. Insert the magazine into the gun. Please note how tha rubberbands go around the pusher. It's wiser to have them a bit more inwards, onto the black parts so they don't rubb the sides of the magazine.
8. Make sure the magazine is alligned properly.
9. And pull the pin out of the magazine.

Have fun. If you experience any problems, please first check the next step for improvements. If nothing is in there then comment on it.

Step 10: Improvements

This step is for improvements I, or other people came up with after the gun was completed.

Improvement 1: Better Trigger

1-3. This is the new trigger, be sure to fit the blue spacers seen in the 2nd picture.