Introduction: Dynamic Wheel Balancing With Airsoft BB Gun

First of all, im not the first one to do this.

At first i was inspired by an Ecomodder forum treads here. I was not so sure because dynamic wheel balancing is used mostly on big tire for off road mostly. Then i found this blog, here it claim it works with touring car tire .

So i did applied the recipe, last fall on my 4 x 195-65-R15 winter tire on my 2003 jetta wagon,and on 2 x15 inch Michelin winter tire for my GF toyota Matrix.

This spring, i did the same with my 4 summer tire, 205-70-R15, and its working well !!

Next step i want to try is on my 18 inch Audi mag wheel .. but im not sure if it will work well. If you dont want to use Airsoft BB gun, you can go the safe way and use dynabeads. Those are ceramic beads but the company does not reccomend it on car touring tires. You can insert them through the air valve.

Also, im not sure you can go to your garage and ask them to pour your bag of airsoft BB into your tire while he's mounting them on the rim. Its better to have your own tire machine, or you can go to place like Kenny u pull , they have those well fixed in their floors.

Myself until now i have had success with 3,5 oz in each tire. I used the 0.20G BB from Wallmart or Canadian Tire .

I found this method of balancing tire great for winter use, since wheels sometimes packs with snow or ice, it keep your wheel always balanced, instead of making vibration because of new wheight added with ice or else (mud seems the same problem)

The only drawback, at slow speed it make some noise, you can hear the bead moving until they take their place.

Step 1: Open Your Tire

Open your tire with your tire tool. This tool is pretty cheap, and if you own many car like i do, you can save some money doing it yourself. Also doing it yourself you avoid damage to your mag that can be done sometime in a garage.
Dont forget to Remove your valve before, i mean the inside of the valve. Thus installing (or removing) tire is easier.
Dynamic balance work forever, as opposed to classic weight that you can lose and then tire is unbalanced.

I wont cover how it works, they are many video on youtube about this. Just search for princess auto tire tool .
Mounting tire on rim or mag wheel, then just before you finish your wheel you pour your airsoft BB inside.

Step 2: Remove Old Weight

Then to finish, remove old balance weights with a screwdriver.
On mags there could be glued inside the rims. Its easier to remove them when there is no tire on the rim. Put back your valve and inflate the new balanced tire