E-Bike Headlight Mounting Bracket

Introduction: E-Bike Headlight Mounting Bracket

-my e-bike handlebar was already too crowded with all the controls brakes, shifters, and accessories.

- my new led light was not centered and neither the light beam.

-my led light was protruding too much, with risks to be catch in branches on trail.

Step 1:

so i decided to make another fixture to remedy to these points.
i have a 3dprinter but limited modeling skills so i tried it on tinkercad with basic additions/substraction operations.

my mounting bracket is set under the bike stem, centered, and perfectly held in place just by a piece of inner tube.
the measurements are taken on the bike : diameter and length of available space under the stem and reported in tinkercad. you may have different values on Your bike. the rounded part on the bottom uses the original thick rubber retention ring from the light.

i used it for 8 months with absolutely no issues until my bike was stolen. so i think it is strong enough.

the stl model is available for everyone on thingiverse here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4075327

this is my first instructable, i hope you will like it.

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    2 years ago

    Very nice, great to see Tinkercad used to design the custom mount. It's a shame the bike was stolen!! Been there, several times . . they just seem to like to wander off.