Today, I will guild you to make a maple leaf from paper. This tutorial is pretty easy and beautiful. It will be an amazing gift for your friends and beloved people.

I also make a tutorial video, if you find this instruction is not clear enough, please click the video and follow.

Now let get started!

Step 1: Preparation

To make this model, we will use

- 3 square paper sheets of 8x8cm

- 1 rectangle paper sheet of 1 x10 cm

Step 2: Fold in Half

Fold two tip of paper sheet. I the photo I marked them with two red dots

Step 3: Fold With Instruction

Now, fold two edges to the center line

Step 4: ​Fold the Bottom Triangle As Marked

Fold the bottom triangle as marked

Step 5: ​Open Two Side Edges Then Fold the Bottom Part Inside

Open two side edges then fold the bottom part inside

Step 6:

Mountain fold the other sides

Step 7: ​Fold Two Edges Inside

Fold two edges inside

Step 8: Fold Two Edges Down

Step 9:

Turn the model around

Fold the edges to the center line

Step 10: The Finish Module Will Be Like This

Step 11: Use Glue to Stick Them Together

Then finish!

Hope you enjoy my tutorial