Introduction: EDC Survival Pendant

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On this summer holidays, we were cleaning up our house. We threw away all the garbage in the house. Then I found this broken door lock. I remember the day this lock got malfunctioned and I was locked up in my own room. Then I had to break this lock with force.

I kept this one. I opened the cover to see and learn how this lock works. Then something crossed my mind when I looked at the cover's holes. Sure I can make something with it. Rope tensioner is the first thing crossed my mind. Then it comes out to be my EveryDay Carry (EDC) multifunction survival pendant.

Let's take a look behind the scene...

Step 1: The Lock

The bottom right corner was where I broke it with force, to get me out of my room that day. Open up the cover I see that it is flat and it is thick enough, not easily bent by hand when we cut it into smaller piece.

Step 2: First Thing

The first thing I do is cut the bent-in part to make it all flat. Well, hand tools I used are :

  • Saw
  • Files
  • Tongs

That's all. Yes, the reason I seldom work with metal is I don't have the power tools (such as Dremel cutter or bench saw) except a power drill. Cutting with hand does need extra patient and extra power :D

Since this is holiday and I have all day for my project, let me do it! :)

Step 3: The Cuts

I kept those holes on the lock cover. It has extra spaces around the holes, so I made up my mind to put a 10 and 12 hex wrench on the sides. This what I used the most on my motorbike and I think I can use it as a bottle opener outdoor.

I cut out as large as possible with my hand saw and use files for the rest. Remember not to cut too wide for a start, as we can files it later. Test the wrench on the appropriate bolt.

Step 4: The Edge

As EveryDay Carry tool, we need it small. Three holes are more than enough for rope tensioner, which was my first intention to make. I would cut out the rest.

I drew curves at the bottom following the holes. I cut flat "V" shape to remove large area of the unwanted. The shape was not bad either (see photo #2). I was about to finish this project. I looked at the clock. I still had some time, so I decided to go on.

I cut the first curve around the large hole. When I was cutting the second curve around the small hole, I stopped. I looked at the straight line I had cut. I thought that it could be useful as a clipper to the rope. I bent it a little and clean the sharp edges with a small file. Then I flattened it back and files all the sharp edges to prevent hurting myself.

Sprayed some red paint. That was the only paint I had at home. Not my color, but no worry as it was temporary and I will remove and repaint it later. The yellow one at front cover is the latest paint. My color ^_^

Step 5: Pendant

Get your paracord through the top hole. Make a single hitch in the middle, so now your cord is parallel to your pendant (oh, I am not good in knot terminology but I hope you can understand from the photos above). Now make running loops for both ends of the cord. This photos are just sample so that they are easier to follow. You should make the ends as short as possible.

Now we get an adjustable bracelet with survival pendant :) The paracord I used is 5 feet and that can be used for any other purpose when we go outdoor.

Step 6: Multipurpose EDC

Beside having it as a pendant or a keychain, you can simply keep it in your wallet. It is smaller than a credit card.

You can keep it in your bag with a bunch of paracord around it.

You can use it to hold your rolled shirt, bag or tent.

Use it as a pile hanger and you can adjust the height easily.

And this is the first intention of the making, a rope tensioner, which is useful for building a tent. Then you need to make more pendants like this. I still keep two third of the lock cover ;) I can drill more holes if I need.

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