Introduction: EDO FOX KITE

About: I am the teacher of a project future and robotics class at a Durango middle school. All projects created by this account are created by middle school students aged 12-14.

As part of Mr. Skinner's Project Future class at Escalante Middle School, we made tissue paper kites, and wrote instructions to help other people make them too! This is our Edo-Fox.

Step 1: Getting Supplies

First grab your supplies - scissors, glue, pencil, string, yard stick or ruler, red sheet of tissue paper, scraps of pink, black, and white tissue paper and bamboo spars to complete your project.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Fox Shape

In this process, you will need to cut out legs that are 20 inches out and in (each). Next, you will need to cut out the neck. For the neck you will go up 5 inches, across 5 inches, and back down 5 inches.

Step 3: Add on Your Fox's Head

When adding on your foxes head to the neck you don't want it to be right on the edge, glue it on a few inches into the neck. When making the head just cut it out in a rounded triangle. Add triangle ears, and white circle eyes, with smaller black circles, then add a black triangle nose.

Step 4: Add Your Bamboo Spar

When adding your bamboo spar, it is going to be longer than needed, so you will need to line it straight down the middle with an inch hanging off of both sides.

Step 5: Putting on the Diagonal Spars

When putting on the two diagonal spars you are going to do the same thing you did with the vertical spar. You are going to have more than necessary so you are going to just leave an inch hanging off of each edge. The reason you are doing this is because you are going to need these ends so that you can make a dihedral flex using string. Then after all of the spars are dried you will need to add a reinforcement. Cut out a piece of paper that is as wide as the intersection where the spars meet. Put some glue on the edge of the paper and put it over the intersection.

Step 6: Add Your String

After you are done with adding the spars you will need to add dihedral to your kite. Measure a piece of string that is from one leg to the opposite leg. Tie the string on the extra spar that is hanging off. If there is not enough flex to the kite, loop part of the string and put the extra spar through the loop.

Step 7: Making Sure Everything Is Intact

This step is crucial because if something isn't put together right, your kite may not fly as well as it would if it was put together correctly. Make sure your spars are fully glued down and make sure there are no rips and or tears, if there are then you will need to tape them closed on the top side and the bottom side. After this you can attach the bridal.

Step 8: Adding the Bridal String

When adding the bridal string you will need to put a small whole on each side on the re-enforcement.put one end of the string through one whole and up the other one. Tie a knot and then take the other end of the string and attach it to the extra spar of the fox's nose. After make a slanted triangle with the string and make a loop at the top of it. Finally take your spool of string and attach it to the loop that was made, AND YOU'RE READY TO FLY!

Step 9: Fly Your Kite

Your kite is finished! Go outside and fly your kite!