Introduction: EMP HDD Launcher, [HD Video]

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Electro Magnetic Spike Generator:

This is my EMP generator I designed and built using a cheap camera flash, £14 worth of 400V capacitors and some junk I had laying around. It demonstrates electro-magnetic induction by kicking an aluminium disk in the air. When the device is powered it charges 20 X 100uf capacitors to 400 V.

When this energy is released into a coil, a huge magnetic field is generated and induces a current in to the aluminuim disk. Now you might be thinking, "how will the disk be repelled if it is aluminium and is therefore not magentic". Well this current induced in the disk, creates an opposing magnetic field which boots it about 10 foot into the air.
  • This is enough current  to KILL YOU

This the old video:

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