Introduction: ESP-01 Programer Upgrade

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today I gonna show you how to upgrade your ESP 01 programer to make programing it easier.

Step 1: How to Program ESP 01

The most common programmer for esp 01 the programmer like in picture 1.
But a big disadvantage of this programmer is the fact that there is no switch or similar on it which can connect GPI0 and GND for programming mode (picture 2). So if you want to program your ESP 01 with this programer you have to put a piece of wire or an resistor between this two pins (picture 3).
If you are using ESP 01 often this can be unconfortable.

So I got the idea to put an little button on the bottom of the programmer which can connect this two pins to start the programming mode (picture 4).

Step 2: The Upgrade

For this upgrade you only need:

After ordering this parts you have to bend and cut off the the pins of the switch like in picture 3.
Now you can take your switch and solder it to the programmer like in picture 4.
Last but not least you can use some glue to stick it to the pcb of the programmer.

Congratulations, from now you don't have to use a wire or an resitor to program your ESP 01 controllers.

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