ESP8266 + Arduino Solar Charger to Emoncms

Introduction: ESP8266 + Arduino Solar Charger to Emoncms

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In this case it has been used an Arduino Nano and ESP8266 module for monitoring temperarure, voltage of 2 solar panels, measuring voltage and current of a battery of 6 VDC.

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Emoncms (Openenergymonitor)

We used this platform to record and graph changes in the variables mentioned above, this platform uses mysql and performs sending data via JSON from the ESP8266 module, Emoncms platform is mounted in this case on my server on windows.

That Is Emoncms Openenergymonitor ?

Meet Emoncms from Raspberry pi ...

Arduino Emoncms Python on Windows ....

The idea

Monitor and charge the battery in the process and experience...

Step 1: Components and Materials Required for Testing

  • Components and materials required for testing


photovoltaic panels have achieved the 2 lamps for garden.

2 voltage dividers for measuring converters arduino Analogues are created.

Step 2: Testing

During testing the system given the large amount of sunlight had a time of 2 days given the freciencia shipping data and high consumption of Arduino 1+ ESP8266, the results were satisfactory since the voltages, currents were recorded and Emoncms temperatures in the platform.

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More tests and similar examples ...

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