Introduction: ESP8266 FROM ANYWHERE

In this Instructable i will explain how you can to access your ESP8266 (WEB SERVER MODE) from anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Problem

Normally, when you use the ESP8266 as web server, tests are done using the LAN network. When you want to test from the WAN, you normally have to config your router (NAT/FIREWALL) to accept outside access. If you are familiar with your router, this is not a problem, but imagine dozens of other routers models where you need to know each one or need to know the NET access rights? Maybe it will be headache for you.

Step 2: What Do I Need ?

Well, i need a solution where i can add dozens of ESP8266 in my enviroment (LAN) and give access to all of them (web server) in anywhere of world without have to know anything about router config (NAT/FIREWALL) .

I want too that dozens of ESP8266 can be accessed from WEB, IOS or ANDROID, from WAN and i can share it for anyone.

Step 3: The Solution

To solve these need, here some steps:

create a INTERNET CLOUD account on WEAVED;

purchase one low cost AP running openwrt;

enable the AP to access the Internet;

install a special software to enable GL-INET to register on WEAVED;

make your ESP8266 connect to GL-INET;

make your ESP8266 a web server;

setup the GL-INET proxy to access the ESP8266 ip/port;

access the ESP8266 webpage from

access the ESP8266 webpage from IOS appShare your ESP8266

Step 4: Create a INTERNET CLOUD Account on Weaved

Enter in, register and enter you login and password. Stay connected to

Step 5: Purchase One Low Cost AP Running Openwrt

For my tests, i purchased the AP modem GL-INET, where the tests were successfull. You could find here and buy it.

Questions about GL-INET, contact

Step 6: Enable the GL-INET to Access the Internet

The GL-INET is very easy to use, there is a friendly user interface. Config it to access the INTERNET, i suggest to config your router as repeater.The GL-INET ip is

Step 7: Install a Special Software on GL-INET to Enable GL-INET to Register on WEAVED (stay Connected to

Connect your PC to the GL-INET and use the Putty utility, open a terminal to access the GL-INET (SSH), port

type your root login/password (root/goodlife) (factory password)

wget it to /root (you are in the root)

tar -xvzf gl-inet.tgz cd gl-weaved

./install (be shure that you are connected to now (logged) and that you are in the same NET of GL-INET)

now reset the GL-INET or type reboot should be able to register it now

In webpage you will be adviced that there is a new device waiting to register in your account, enable it (confirm the register) and you will see it the current list of devices.

Click on it and weaved will connect to port 80 of your GL-INET and show the webpage.

But now, you want to connect to ESP8266's 8080 port ( web server), then please, follow the steps.

Step 8: Make Your ESP8266 Connect to GL-INET

Config your ESP8266 to connect to GL-INET and make it static ip, for example,

Config your ESP8266 to be a web server in some port, for example 8080.

I have used the following ESP8266 web server example, that sounds very cool.

See the instructions to install it and change the settings to 8080 and static ip to wifi.sta.setip({ip="ip",netmask="",gateway="gateway"})

Setup the GL-INET proxy to access the ESP8266 ip/port

In the folder /etc/weaved you will find a file called web.linux.conf.

Please, edit it, adding the following lines at end of file

proxy_dest_port 8080 (ESP8266 web server port) proxy_dest_ip (ESP8266 static ip)

Save it and then reboot your GL-INET

If you wants to unregister your ESP8266, remove the following line

# password - erase this line to unregister the device

Step 9: Accessing the ESP8266 Webpage From

Enter in the, insert you login and password and select the device ES8266.

You can change the device name, for example, to door, windows, gate.

You can share the esp8266 webpages for other, in the Settings.

After this, Weaved will show the ESP8266 web server for you.

Step 10: Accessing the ESP8266 Webpage From IOS App

You should download the weaved on app store or use the web browser.

Step 11: Share My ESP8266

If you didn´t get the GL-INET and ESP8266, but want to make a test, please, register now in the and send us you weaved ID that i will share my ESP8266 for you to do tests.

my e-mail is

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    4 years ago

    Hello, I need more help about how to create the steps by steps. I have many webserver esp8266 devices and need to control them without the need of opening ports on my home router. I have many ports open like 7720-7730-8890 for each ESP8266 device.

    1st. I just need to connect the GL-INET by RJ-45 cable to my home router?

    2nd. I see that is not Weaved any more instead it is called :

    3rd. the price is based on how many esp8266 devices are online or just for the GL-INET ?

    (Because it is $2 per device mentioned on

    4th How to access many modules at once or do I have to declare all ports to be open on the GL-INET ?

    5th. Can you please send me more details or your personal info? my email is I need this urgent and willing to pay!


    5 years ago

    Looks like a ad. With some respect to your efforts, i
    think this very complicated and you rely on third-party services. If you
    have a router, which is always on, you can set-up a secured webserver
    (on a tablet or little computer) and with some php scripting you can
    create a page to manage all your devices. Using this way, you doesn't
    have to share your devices to world by providing direct access to it. I
    think this is much safer (when setup correctly) and more relaible (because it doesn't rely on third-part services) and you have more control.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I have used the Weaved service and it is very convenient, it works with cellular modems that do not have real IP addresses and customer locations without any custom setup. It also keep your devices hidden from the world without exposing any knowledge to services like shodan. I use it with SSH on my cellular modem connected devices and I do not think it could be safer. Weaved does not have my SSH password and the service an only be used for the connection part.

    Before I found weaved I tried paying for real IP addresses on cellular and I would use most of my bandwidth just on port scans, behind cellular NAT there is no port scans.

    And lastly I can plug my device in anywhere, any customer location and it works, I just ship them my box, they plug it in and it works, I can manage it just by logging in to weaved an connect to it.


    6 years ago

    Thanks for the post, Can you tell how to connect ESP8266 to a proxy server ?


    7 years ago

    the sofware putty can not access my router. Please help me!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Please, send me a email to


    7 years ago on Introduction

    can I use some other router like TPLINK ?


    7 years ago

    Thanks. Create your weaved account and i share you my esp8266