Introduction: ESP8266 (NodeMCU) Based Portable Deauther and Beacon Attacker Using Command Prompt

Create Multiple fake WiFi access points or Clone a particular Access Point to confuse all the clients in that network or disconnect all the connections in the wifi network using deauther attack.

There are many tutorials about

Step 1: Getting the Necessary Files

Download the firmware required for this project.

Locate the downloaded file named "esp8266_deauther_1mb.bin"

Hold shift then right click mouse then open command prompt in that window and type "pip install esptool"

Wait for the esptool to install.

Step 2: Running the Needed Commmands for Flashing the Firmware Onto the Board

1] esptool

2]esptool --port COM4 read_flash_status

3]esptool --port COM4 erase_flash

4]esptool --port COM4 write_flash -fm dio 0x00000 esp8266_deauther_1mb.bin

CHANGE YOUR PORT ACCORDINGLY(check in device manager for the com port list)

Step 3: Establishing Connection to Your Esp8266.

Connect your esp8266 NodeMCU to any power source may it be a powerbank or your phone/pc itself .

Open your WiFi settings and scan for a network named "pwned" the default password is "deauther"

Connect to that network and open the local host IP from your device, in this case, am using my android smartphone.

Step 4: Getting Online and Messing the Show

ON the web browser of the device type and hit enter you will be greeted with agreement HIt I agree and have fun everything is pretty much explanatory.

In the attacks Tab HIT start "Deauth" It will send false packet and confuse the clients and it will eventually disconnect the client from the selected network.

Or simply select any network and hit clone to create multiple clones of that networks to confuse the clients of that network.

DISCLAIMER: This is only for educational purposes only use it in your network am not responsible for any harm caused.

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